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Your name is CHRISTOPHER. Although your friends sometimes call you TOPHER, TOPPER, PETER, TOFU, TOPH, CHRIS[TO]PHER, CRISSSTOPHER, etc. However, most of those nicknames along with the friends who had given them to you are DEAD, as far as you know or are concerned anyway. Apocalypses do tend to suck like that. As was previously mentioned this is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. A number of HORRIBLY MELODRAMATIC CIRCUMSTANCES are scattered throughout your past and future. You have a variety of OPTIONS. None of which are particularly interesting at the moment. You have a passion for MUSIC. You like to be artistic and spiritualistic sometimes but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for CLASSICAL AND OLD MUSIC and are an aspiring COMPOSER. You also like to BE EXTREMELY STYLISH sometimes.

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